Inspiration from Gwarlingo today.

Today I share with you the beginning of a brilliant post over at Gwarlingo.
If you are thinking about solitude and quiet and how much you hope/wish/want to get done in one day…please settle in to this post featuring the writing of author Christian McEwen.
I will write more about it later. Just wanted you to have this today.

Gwarlingo creator, Michelle Aldredge writes:

Every day we’re faced with the decision of how and where to focus our attention. Sustained attention may be the most endangered resource in our modern age. We often forget that we have a choice about how we spend our time, as well as how we use technology. No one is requiring us to live harried lives in a reactive state, constantly struggling to stay on top of emails, texts, deadlines, and our overfilled schedules.

This post is part of a new Gwarlingo series titled The Complete Creative. This week, Michelle features Christian McEwens’s writing and this quote leapt out at me:

Twenty-five hundred years later, Lin Yutang declared that a room, like a painting, should be k’ungling, or “empty and alive,” explaining that it is the unused space that makes a room habitable, just as it is our free time that gives our lives their shapeliness and ease. It comes as no surprise that the Chinese character for “leisure” should be made up of “space” and “sunshine” – the pause, the attitude of relaxation, is what creates the gap that lets the sun shine through.

With great love and a slow deep breath,

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  • Becky

    Good morning! Love the photo of the (?) passion flower? We saw those in France and they are fascinating too look at!
    xo Becky