Independence Approach #3: Art is contact.

‘Some people who make are driven by inspiration, others by provocation, still others by desperation. Art making grants access to worlds that maybe dangerous, sacred, forbidden, seductive or all of the above. It grants access to worlds you may otherwise never fully engage. It may in fact be the engagement-not the art- that you seek. The difference is that making art allows, indeed guarantees, that you declare yourself. Art is contact, and your work necessarily reveals the nature of that contact. In making art, you declare what is important.”

From Art and Fear
David Baynes and Ted Orland

‘Work is a story that needs retelling. When we find ourselves telling the same stories over and over again about work, we are letting ourselves know that there are important things that we overlook every day. No matter how tedious the job may be, people and circumstances are always changing. There is always a new story waiting to be told about some nuance from our daily experience. We need to make myths from our daily lives and ennoble the things that we typically overlook. Mythologize and make heroes and heroines form the deeds of the people you see every day. Elevate their significance and the value of your work environment, and you will find yourself and your imagination rising with them.’

From Trust the Process: An Artist’s Guide to Letting Go
Shaun McNiff

I started writing Laundry Line Divine: A Wild Soul Book for Mothers to share how I am raising myself while raising my children. Along the way, I started this website and began blogging. Laundry Line Divine has become my passion. I realized that it has always been my way of life, gaining density as I named and claimed it.
In January 2012, Laundry Line Divine birthed a project in ‘Out of the Mouths of Babes’ which is an event and a blog series, now in it’s second go round.

I am inspired by these quotes as I work to refine the marketing around my book and ‘Out’ events. I am honing my vision of just what I do here. Everything you see here is made by me or by people I have invited to hang their work on this Laundry Line. The words are spoken and the images captured from the finely woven details of our daily lives.

I am honored and thrilled that you have stopped in here today.
Over the next weeks, I will be making this site easier to navigate. Some of you have told me how hard it is to find the new blog series. That will soon be fixed. I’d love your input on other aspects I could improve.

All these things take time.

As so do the fireflies, who are making a sort of magic in the dark nights here in the Berkshires. If only I could capture them on film.
I will be soaking up their bio-luminescence tonight as I stand along a field where the Williams River runs past. I hope you too can step out in to this pre-Solstice night and see the dark sky reel overhead with the stars winking down at you.

I am going to leave you with this Radio Lab recording, which you must listen to. “Fetal Consequences” opens a possibility here in the context of ‘contact’….my imagination reels.
Please enjoy it.

So, with thanks and joy, I adventure forward with you, my loyal and new readers,

PS I think you may be intrigued by my friend Joanna Tombrakos’ new book It Takes An Egg Timer: A Guide to Creating the Time of Your Life. Joanne has a drawing for free Kindle copies in honor of the Summer Solstice starting tomorrow here.

PPS Next week’s post will be infused with Jan Phillips. I am heading to the International Women’s Writing Guild conference this weekend. Stay tuned!

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