I Heart Generosity Day, too and a gift from Oz.

My favorites from 1964

My favorites from 1964

In honor of February 14 being a day where love is on everyone’s minds, here is one way to let love live in your heart.
No cost, no calories and no romance necessary.
Just add generosity.

generosity day

I am joining Brene Brown and a whole lot of other people and celebrating February 14 as Generosity Day. Yes, there is enough love to go around for everyone.

Here is the deal:

“Give to people on the street. Tip outrageously. Help a stranger. Write a note telling someone how much you appreciate them. Smile. Donate (more) to a cause that means a lot to you. Take clothes to Goodwill. Share your toys (grownups and kids). Be patient with yourself and with others. Replace the toilet paper in the bathroom. All generous acts count!”


My personal goal is to tell at least 10 people how wonderful they are.

I will start with you, my dear readers of Laundry Line Divine.

There are some of you, like my sisters, who have shown up here, no matter what I post, since November, 2009. I so appreciate you reading my words and taking the time to comment. It sends me through the roof with smiles when anyone comments here. I have met and come to know so many amazing people just by you leaving your comments and ideas and suggestions. Thank you each for all you have offered here on this site.

Bryan with Ben in 1994

Bryan with Ben in 1994

But today, the most wonderful is one of my best friends, who was the absolute first commenter here on November 4. My dear pal, Bryan- Petruchio to my Kate- whose dear father died this morning, this very day, February 13. You, my Bryan, are wonderful. You sparkle and shine like no other and have since the first day we met, playing volleyball outside Carey Hall in our army green shorts and matching Adidas Kangaroo tennies at Northern Michigan University.

Bryan in Mamma Mia where he also plays a rock star.

Bryan in Mamma Mia where he also plays a rock star.

You have consistently and kindly endured with and loved me.
This gift of your friendship, of you knowing and loving my family, is something that has nurtured deep connections. You scoop my kids up and dazzle them, confound them and delight them. What a joy it is to be your friend.

Bryan and the kids in 2012

Bryan and the kids in 2012

Wonderfulness simply becomes you.
I could post a long line of hilarious photos of us and our hair stories.
Perhaps one of the funnier ones is this one, from Taming of the Shrew, where you not only played the dashing lead, but you were the make-up director and made sure I had the best wig K-Mart could offer.

Bryan and me in Shrew 866

Some kind of wonderful.
You are.

My gift to you today is from Australia. Another kind of wonderful. My dearest Justine Bradley.

How about you? Pass the gift on and pick your ten people.

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  • Lori Landau

    I am going to do just that. pick my 10. or 25. you always inspire me………….and count yourself on my list…..xo

    • Suzi

      Thank you Lori! I am blessed to circle with you. Your new website is such a great expression of your visual meditations. I will make sure LLD readers can find you. Tons of love, S

  • Eunice

    Lovely, lovely, Suzi.
    Especially lovely is the photograph of Suzi Banks on the theatre program!
    Love to you and yours, and to everyone’s Ten, and then some, Eunice

    • Suzi

      Oh my Eunice, yes to the ripples of those ten. I am so curious about how adoration works in the world. How the simplest of words makes such a difference in a life. Sending you love today, S

  • Elizabeth Aquino

    Beautiful post, Suzi. I am a new reader but look forward to each of your posts — your links, your stories and your writing are a gift.

    • Suzi

      Thank you Elizabeth! That is a high compliment from you. I am so glad you have joined us here. I will carry you in my heart as I post. xo S

  • Kathy

    This is so sweet, Suzi. Thanks for spreading your love through words and visual art and the beating of your heart every single day.

    • Suzi

      Der Kathy, I feel your yearning in your posts this past week and I celebrate you being transparent and so loving here on the Laundry Line. I wish you could be with us for the book launch. The women of the Berkshires would sew up your winter tattered heart with buckets of tea sweetened with honey and plenty of toast. Thank you for your blessings. xo S

      • Kathy

        YOU are the sweetest, Suzi. Thank you for feeling my yearning and feeding it so wonderfully.

  • Jimmy Lawrence

    Happy “Gee” day Suzi! A wonderful idea (iday) and I will echo your loving spirit as I adopt and carry forward your message and heart-full-ness to my circle of love, in which you hold an honored place. Love to you and your lucky fam from Tomma and Jimmy.

    • Suzi

      Thank you Jimmy. You are a generosity personified. xo S

  • eteal

    Oh wonderful and most wonderful – you are – wonder filled and sharing the care in so many ways!!! I see us surrounded by yards of fabric cross the grain we travel – flying threads thru old machines – eyes shining as bodies slide into circles and spin. Oh yes, you are now, and ever was wonderful!

    • Suzi

      Eteal, you are the finest of bird feathers, patterned quills all lined up with precision and stunning beauty. What a joy to know you are here on the Laundry Line with me. Hugs, S

  • Lorrin Krouss

    Dear Suzi,

    As always, thank you for sharing your love. Caring is defined as “concern” and today I am thinking about all the amazing people in my life. Happy Valentine’s Day – you are both wise and wonderful.
    Lorrin Krouss

    • Suzi

      Dearest Lorrin, What a joy to hear you here! Yes, caring, generosity and concern all wear the same hats, don’t they? My mentor Jan Lawry once gave me an excellent writing exercise to personify characteristics. I will share this with you all in our next session. Wouldn’t it be fun to write a conversation between Care, Concern and Generosity? Wonder what they’d be wearing? xo S

  • Tomma von Haeften

    My Suzilicious kind of wonderful… I wish I had way less on my e-mails to answer list, so that I could read your blog more often! So yummy to read your words here!! -HUGS! –

    • Suzi

      Dearest Tomma, I love that you took time to read today! I have been making every effort to clean up my email too because it can suck up valuable time, just slogging through it all.
      Thank you for stopping by the line! xo S

  • Becky

    Hello dearest Suzi, so sorry to hear about Brian’s father. Give him our best.
    Great photos and I know you have lots more that you enjoy. Hugs and kisses! Becky

    • Suzi

      Thank you Becky. I know Bryan has read these comments. He is still in Michigan. You know I have tons of photos to use, many of the best are yours! xoxoxo S

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