Happy New Year. I have my nose in a few books…

Composing My 2014 

At this time of year, I am deep in reflection and recalibration.

I pour over my journals and blog posts to read my tracks and notice,

what made me so happy this year?
who had an impact on my daily life?
what moves really made a difference in my life?

I spend time reading the books that make up my daily routine.
Rumi, Mary Oliver, Mirabai Starr, Jen Louden, Christian McEwen…

How about you?
What have you noticed about this past year?
What really lit you up?
Who inspired you?
While you are here on Laundry Line Divine, what posts do you recall that stayed with you?

As I tune my inner life for playing full out in 2014, I hear two words:





Morning UP



Lissa Rankin urges us to pick a word of the year, but, I cannot just pick one.

Burn, to me, is as Rumi suggests,

A Just-Finishing Candle

A candle is made to become entirely flame.
In that annihilating moment
it has no shadow.

It is nothing but a tongue of light
describing a refuge.

Look at this
just-finishing candle stub
as someone who is finally safe
from virtue and vice,

the pride and the shame
we claim from those.


I am looking to become entirely flame.
I desire to release, burn off all that no longer serves me.
I desire to be full of the light of the Divine.
I want to flame from within and light the way.


This is harder to discern.
I am a team player. I love and live in Sisterhood and
dearly love my men, my Tribe, many of whom I have played with this past week
on various and wonderful adventures.




Could this be about Rampant Sisterhood?
I am teaching a workshop in finding and engaging your authentic voice online on January 13-14.
If you are in the Berkshires or near, here is a link to the event.

Til I complete the big honking post of my 2013 Appreciations,
I leave you with this question:

What ignites you?
How can you kindle your own inner flames?
Have any posts on Laundry Line Divine helped you particularly?

Standing in your light, ablaze with your beauty,


If you liked this content, join my Rampant Sisterhood and rise with us.

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  • Tammy

    Culture and arts and food and poetry and music and travel and film and maps and nature and gardens and communities and language and stories and motherhood and place making – That inspires me! Happy 2014!

    • Suzi

      Oh Tammy, we are birds of a feather for sure. You know I love maps and place making and all the rest. I am honored beyond measure to have you here on LLD. Your comments mean so much to me. Congratulations on the growth of your site too. May 2014 bring us face to face, hug to hug! xoxoxo S

  • Coleen Davidson

    S. Love your book pile, some of those titles are also in min. I also wish to add a few…Finding Meaning in the Second Half of Life, by James Hollis and Living Beautifully with Uncertainty and Change by Pema Chodron. My words, enlarge and commitment. Happy 2014 xo C.

    • Suzi

      Oh Pema has been on my pile, thanks to my best friend Benita. Thank you Coleen for your words. I see you enlarging your message in your art work. So amazing to witness your unfolding! Blessings to you! xo S

  • Lorrin Krouss

    Suzi: All of your blog posts have inspired me this past year. As I learned more and more about the freedom to write and the ability to transfer my thoughts into the written word, I began to crave your posts as they became my inspiration, along with all of the wonderful, kind and sincere people that have contributed to LLD. Hugs and thank you to each and everyone and a Happy 2014 to us all.

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