Greening and all things green and how green is my heart? Lori Landau is Out II tomorrow.

from my collage-a-day journal

Verdant day.

What I hope to do in any one day and what I actually do are vastly different.
When I sit down at the end of the day and celebrate three things I have done- some days that includes making a meal, clearing the kitchen and hanging the wash and other times it includes making this small movie for you with Lori’s words and my images and what else can I do today that answers my soul’s call for Greening?

For the past three days I have been celebrating my three year anniversary since my hysterectomy. In the chaos of home life, gardening, sudden violent thunderstorms and small intense bursts of creativity will be my tiny celebration dance of Greening and three years since my ‘Sacred Release’ and all the fears that were turned in to dancing.

A verdant post by Lori Landau in our ‘Out of the Mouths of Babes’ Blog Series II will be posted in the morning.

May you be found greening or dancing or both,
Tell me about it here,

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  • Lori Landau

    as thunder tumbles through early summer green freshly mowed glittering grass I listen to my own words roll greenly off your tongue
    shells and seeds of green gleam on the rolling waves of green surprise afternoon
    how dazzled green this storm of you on this afternoon alive and bangled green with gifts
    my love & gratitude greens the fields we play upon together xoxo Lori

  • Karen Arp-Sandel

    You are BOTH Magnificent.Thanks for the poem,LL and thank you SUZI BANKS BAUM for the beautiful video full of amazing imagery paired with your songful voice reading LL’s poem. I remember first hearing this read in April when we all met in Brooklyn for some artful bliss.You mastered it in one take!
    Thank you, thank you , thank you. Such a fount of inspiration on this GREEN day!

    xxxxx karen

  • Beth Bornstein Dunnington

    Oh this is fabulous! I knew Suzi first as an actress. And a very good one. So to hear her read a poem with all the color and heart and intelligence she puts into it is very meaningful to me. And I am a huge fan of Lori’s poetry. Add the photos and it’s an amazing, all-encompassing experience. A performance piece. Absolutely beautiful, both of you. xxxxx (This was where I meant to post this… ) 🙂

    • Suzi

      Heehehehehheheeeeeee. So glad you are enjoying this! xo S

  • Kate Abbott

    Hi Suzi,

    Marvelously rich and vibrant — and full of growth. Thank you for sharing this poem. It’s reminding me of the white and rose ladies’ slippers I saw today, growing by the boardwalk around the pond at Pleasant Valley Sanctuary, and of all the laurel coming into bloom!

    • Suzi

      Oh laurel…fairy carosels…my favorite time of year. And I also love that boardwalk. I have spent hours sitting along there with my kids. Thank you for the reminder, Love, S

  • Brenna

    Beautiful! This soaked down soul-deep for me on a rainy day when nature’s first green is turning from gold to sun-shot leaves. Thank you for this water for parched roots. And congratulations to you on this magical third anniversary. Dance on. xoxoxo