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Mary, Karen and Sarah at OUT 2013

Yesterday I admitted to getting by with a little help from my friends.
Today, I ask you to indulge me that same truth.
Once again, I feel lofted by the circle of women in which I stand.
In this photo from the Friday night event of Out of the Mouths of Babes: An Evening of Mothers Reading to Others are three of my closest friends and look at how they are listening!
Karen, Mary and Sarah, I so appreciate your love and support!

Last night at the Berkshire Festival of Women Writers, my dear Mary Campbell Case presented her workshop. I hear it was a deep and sweet evening full of insightful discussion. As you can see from this capture of Tina Lane‘s from
Out of the Mouths of Babes: An Evening of Mothers Reading to Others, Mary
is a ready listener. When Mary is present, I willingly share at a deeper level than I might otherwise.

How about you?
Do you have friends you support you sharing in a deeper way?

If you are in Berkshire County, I hope you will stay on top of the Festival schedule.
There are many opportunities to take your creative expression to a new level.

See you around!

PS Great news! You can order your copy of An Anthology of Babes: 36 Women Give Motherhood a Voice right here on Laundry Line Divine.
Go here. It is so easy! And we will get your copy off to you ASAP. I am still working on the book being
available in the UK. xo S

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  • Jimmy Lawrence

    Lovely shot of some of my all time fave gals.
    Apt, rapt listening is a gift, you’re so right Suzi.
    Thanks for sharing that.

  • Jennifer Browdy de Hernandez

    Thanks for sharing this, Suzi! This is exactly what’s so wonderful about the Berkshire Festival of Women Writers–it brings us all out from behind our screens and into each other’s living presence….and what a sisterhood we are!

  • Lorrin Kantor

    Suzi – and for those of us who are fortunate enough to call you a friend, we are grateful.