8 Marvels of Connection in the First Week of Advent

#Advent calendar day one. XoS

Well my friends have been busy.

Everyone is hopping with news of growth in their businesses or ideas, in upgraded websites or book releases.

Sort of like celebrating a kid’s new front tooth, this post is a short list of eight things that have come my way this week that inspired me.

At least one of them will inspire you, I am sure.

#mixedmedia #collage element at Collage Studio with @kasart at #is183

Jennifer Currie is my nearly next-door neighbor and a painter and spiritual seeker is doing beautiful work. On her blog she writes about dancing in her jammies every morning. She had a special offer to her newsletter subscribers that I took her up on, and all I can say is, thank you Jennifer. You light up Great Barrington with your joy.
#adventwindows @messycanvas xoS

Advent has long been a time of great anticipation and joy for me. Less joy, honestly, once my kids were big enough to be ‘waiting’ for Christmas, even though we have not had huge Santa strewn holidays. Advent has a very special place in my heart though, not tied to gifts or doing, but is about sitting and listening, waiting- not an easy thing for little kids understandably. They loved the Advent Circle at their kindergarten, but have outgrown that tradition. I have to coax my girl to open the doors on our lovely calendar. Oh, I could go on about Advent, but when I discovered what Mandy at Messy Canvas was doing, I signed up for her ‘Come Thou Long Expected’ Advent journey. Her e-book is written in her steady voice with a month of daily readings and prompts for working in my art journal. Here is the quote I loved today:

“To be seen fully by somebody, then, and be loved anyhow- this is a human offering that can border on miraculous.”
~Elizabeth Gilbert

At Alchemy Initiative’s Handmade Holiday Festival in Pittsfield this weekend, I ran in to my collage studio pal, Laurie May Coyle. Aside from raising a sweet angel of a little girl, Laurie has sprouted her own coaching studio and with her friend Ilana Siegal, will be leading a 13 week Creative Productivity workshop here in the Berkshires. I love Laurie’s art. Whenever I see a bird, I think of Laurie.

Then, in a comment here on Laundry Line Divine, I met Spike Mason who introduced me to his latest music video. After sharing it on Face book, I learned from my soulmate in Australia, Justine, that the vocalist, Kristin Berardi, is a friend of hers. Here is what Justine said about Kristin:

“Gorgeous soul, and the mother a son and daughter. Kristin’s singing is as divine as she is herself…. she is a powerful force for promoting women and voice…”

No wonder I like it so much.


I know you might be worried about your holiday shopping, but, if you stop at my pal Janet’s blog, you might take yourself out for a little food adventure. She manages to find the most unexpected foods in unexpected places. And here is her newly updated blog spot, not to be confused with Blogspot. It is ever so roomy there now.

Then, there were some wonders in the mail.

First, my pal Lori Randall Stradtman, who I met in BlogWorld Expo 2 years ago and fell immediately in love with, sent me her new-to-the-world book “Online Reputation Management for Dummies”.

My hub is the first to jump in to @lorirandallstradtman 's new book. Delighted to read and share Lori's brilliance!

I have only begun to dip in to the very clearly written text, laced with her natural humor and clean sharp eye which peers perceptively in to Huffington Post and Nike all while raising 3 kids and a couple of dogs. Lori has written a book that appeals to blog hosts like me. I am always working to improve what happens here on the Laundry Line and I want my presence on the world wide web to one that foots with my value and integrity. Lori has written THE book on how to make sure I do that.  Thanks Gal!

And, of course, being the holiday season, this post of marvels would not be complete without some FeMail! Karen and I got together this week to create some one-of-a-kind postcards to be sold at the Burlington Vermont Holiday Art sHop next week.

Karen wrote a post for FeMail here.  Here is a sample of our little works of art that you can send through the mail. This one is by Karen.

And lastly, this is mail I look forward to getting, I just joined my virtual friend Michelle’s online community at her site Gwarlingo. I often mention Michelle here because she posts some of the most interesting and exciting art and culture news.

I joined because I know being a reputable and steady presence online requires support. And, being an artist, I know the value of that support. So congratulations Michelle! I can’t wait to share my Gwarlingo mail with my Laundry Line readers.

Here’s what we used to do. A lot. We will bake again this year. And I will hope for some decorating assistance from the best little bakers in the Berkshires..almost all grown up!

For today I am taking deep breathes and offering prayers of gratitude that all is well in my household. The kids are working hard at school. My husband made dinner twice this week already. And tomorrow is art day where he takes the steering wheel for our family life for the whole day. I am a very fortunate woman, I know.


I have big news too. That anthology I mentioned is really happening. I am becoming an indie book publisher before your very eyes. More on that when I have visuals to share.

Until then, just know I appreciate your time and attention here on the Laundry Line.


I will close with a quote from one of my husband’s heros, Jacob Bronowski. If you sit next to my guy for longer than 30 minutes, let’s say you are at a party and you get him talking- he may steer you towards some of the wonders of life that he learned about watching Bronowski’s The Ascent of Man in 1973.


Here is the quote that captures the spirit of this post and pretty much everything I do:


The world is totally connected. Whatever explanation we invent at any moment is a partial connection and its richness derives from the richness of such connections as we are able to make…the act of imagination is the opening of the system so that it shows new connections.

~Jacob Bronowski

“The Origins of Knowledge and Imagination” 1978

Here is to our connection,


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  • Justine Bradley

    Suzi you continue to be a treasured jewel in my heart and the brightest of lights in my tiara of friendship XXXX How I would love to have a week or three to be in your presence…to laugh, sing, paint, take long walks, cook and dance in jammies to the music of our lives

    • Suzi

      Justine, do you realize I still have the cotton dress that you bought for me during my first tour in Sydney. I wore it for a dress for years. For the last say, 20 years, it has been my treasured jammies. So, you could say I dance in my jammies with you often! Blessings and love, S

  • Tammy

    Love what you’re doing here Suzi during advent and always – great anticipation!

  • Jennifer Gandin Le

    It is a joy to watch you in the act of becoming, right before our eyes — whether you are becoming an indie publisher, a larger and larger presence in your community, an ever-growing blogger, or just a richer and more delicious version of yourself.

    You and I could rock some excellent Advent season goodness, if we lived in the same house. It’s my favorite season, too; it always was, as a child. I loved the anticipation. I feel like I’m teaching that love here in my house to both my son AND my go-go-go husband. It’s a worthy task. I’m up to it.

    Opening the little door in your honor today.


  • Melanie

    I love that you met Spike Mason on line–me too! Did you listen to his ever-widening circles song and other Rilke inspired work?
    These are great prompts and links to so many wonderful things, thank you Suzi!

    • Suzi

      Thank you Melanie! Yes, I met Spike here. And his circle songs and his wife’s music are really wonderful. Turns our my friend in OZ knows the vocalist in this piece. Thanks for stopping by the Line! xo S

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