23 years of motherhood: summer, writing, and a birthday

motherhood began for me July 1994

Ben was 10 days old when we first brought him to Tanglewood. He liked the concert just fine.

Summer nights of fireflies are all I can think to tell you about. Undulating light.

My days are filled with teaching. Motherhood hours spent making plans to see one child or the other. I aim to keep the tomatoes watered and brew my next New Illuminations residency fund raise.

There is such beauty to share.

here is looking at you dahlia...or is this motherhood crowning?

July 17 is my boy Ben’s 23rd birthday. If you plotted the course of my life, as on a sea chart, marking the longitude and latitude of my life in that moment at Saint Vincent’s Hospital in New York City, to this very moment, a sunlit afternoon sitting on my back porch writing, you’d see that the map mark of his birth was a turning point in my life voyage.

Motherhood brought me in to deeper waters.

And to this day, on this day, I cannot see the sidelight through the Anise Hyssop or watch a humming bird jet around the Bee Balm and Nicotiana, without also thinking about the day I spent so very pregnant with him in my garden, hours before his birth.

Anise Hyssop in my garden

In plotting the course of motherhood in my life, the landmarks, the rough waters, the shoals of grief and sadness, the joy-filled vistas and sweet plain old days where nothing much happened but being alive together, Benjamin’s birth was a pivotal moment.

So, on the heels of teaching a mixed media class at IWWG, writing, reading aloud, attending readings and critique sessions, and hours in class with my dear teachers, I am here, side lit, and grateful for his arrival and the sea change he caused.



Benjamin Baum the one who set me on the course of motherhood
Here is Ben now. He is working for Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney of the 18th Congressional District of New York State, the state of Ben’s birth. This is Ben in Washington D.C., where he is spending an exciting summer of study and work.






Expect a newsletter this week. There is big news approaching here on this site.

My Oracle card class at the International Women’s Writing Guild, 2017. Oh what mixed media fun we had! What writing we did! And singing. And, yes, there was chocolate.

Can you drive to an open field this evening, after dark, to watch fireflies? Do you have them where you live? I’d say they are impossible to photograph and a miracle to behold. Those of you in the Berkshires can find plenty out on Alford road in the open fields.

All my July love to you each.




PS Apologies for the odd email my regular followers got this morning. Something is off in my Mail Chimp settings. Repairing it. xoS


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