Sacred Waters and the Cave Call of Winter

Icon Collage by Suzi Banks Baum

February 5, 2010

I’d really rather be in Antigua. I am not in the mood to step out in to the cold. Skiing and ice skating are fun, but do I have to move off the radiator I am pressed next to in order to stay warm enough- warm enough to endure another month or two of winter?

I have the long detailed fantasy about a retreat I take in to a cave.
Yeah, a cave. A sacred, secret, no dinner preparations or wash to fold retreat where I can sleep, dream and bathe in hot mineral bathes to my hearts’ content. A long winter’s nap, now that we have taken down the Christmas tree. No one really needs me that much here at home this month. They are all in the swing of winter dressing, lunches and homework. They would hardly notice my absence.

And there I would be, warmly ensconced in soft robes, lost in a dream while some kind being tends to my every need without any conversation necessary.

Growing up in the quintessential winter wonderland, I never really understood people who went South. That is until I myself grew up a bit, sophisticated to the point where I found myself under a palm tree instead of a pine and let those tropical breezes soothe away my chapped cheeks and chilled fingertips.

This collage is my invitation to the Cave.


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  • Leslee

    Very nice website Suzie, and much talent!
    Just stumbled on this thru Karen’s post on fb.
    I am trying to use my art to raise some
    funds for Haiti, so have a look at my
    two recent posts on this site. All the best
    and keep posting as these are most enjoyable
    and you have a natural talent!

    • suzi

      Thank you Leslee! I so enjoy your calendar in our house! I look forward to more of your art in my home. What is the link to your website? Hope you are well! Love, S

  • Leslee

    HI again,

    My website is
    My goal is to raise $21,000 for Partners in Health.
    They have an informative and very very compelling
    video up on their site from a talk today 11 FEB.
    Check it out. It just makes you want to do something useful!

  • Leslee

    PS- I am glad you are enjoying February’s eggs
    in the calendar.. one of my favorite images,from
    eggs given to me by my French neighbors… note
    the handwriting on them!

  • karen

    Suzi I love this collage! Shirley used the pebbles paper in her “cornell Box” assemblage today- and said she wishes you were across the table to see the commonality shared by your artistic eyes.
    I posted our announcement and your fab slide show on FB and LOOK- it’s all about people getting in touch!
    Glad to hear you are enjoying the Calendrier de La France!

  • suzi

    I have found the cave here in Steamboat Springs. It is at Strawberry Hot Springs. I am taking my family there today. Spent a gorgeous time there on Monday. Sublime hot waters in stony grottos and pools in the woods. A log cabin or teepee for changing rooms. Dark falls over the waters as steam rises, quiet people soaking up the place, the spirits in the healing waters. Thank you for this gift! xoxox S

  • Linda

    Oh how I love your words, your thoughts, and your art. I am so thankful that your work can now be seen by the world. Beautiful soul, thank you.

  • Kathy

    Suzi, this collage is really magnificent. And so is your writing. The invitation to the cave feels like an initiation into the deepest recesses of ourselves. I love your site here.

  • suzi

    This is a gratitude for Karen and Linda- who have known my work for so long. I am so glad to have you here, noticing things so deeply. Reading.
    Thank you each. And my new connections, Paige, Leslee, Kathy- I look forward to more of you all here in the shade of sheets flapping in the breeze…peace flags sort of, in the back yard. I will tell you all more about the experience I had last week in Strawberry Hot Springs. xoxox Love, S

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