12.12.12 This Second Week of Advent

Mrs. Klaus in the vegetable section. Her list goes everywhere. #greatbarrington is popping tonight. Fireworks even.

Today the world is popping with recognition of this most amazing of days.


Not one of us will be alive for the next one…which is mind bending to foresee…

That wears me out.

Let’s get back to the laundry.
My lines are down.
I am hanging things out on the back porch, which is a perfect way to step outside, even on the coldest day.

An auspicious day indeed.

My friend Dr. Deb Kern offers some guidance for today, a ritual to mark the day.
Another inspired woman in Texas, Mandy Steward, who I only know online, is leading a group of people through Advent with her ‘Come Thou Expected One’ e-book.
I am part of that group. These are some of the entries I have made in my collage-a-day journal from her prompts.


#adventwindows I am happy to say that all day I kept consciously choosing joy and it changed my day. Thanks @messycanvas. XoS

#adventwindows #explore xoS

What do you do?
How do you mark this time?

Our Advent calendar hangs in the kitchen and my daughter opens these tiny windows most days.
Our family favorite gingerbread are being baked. We like to share these around. My pal frosted the one I gave him. Here is the recipe.
And, we slowly, with little frantic energy because we make Christmas for just us four, we are heading towards the holiday week. We host a Solstice Party for my Moon Circle. Ben plays in a big
Christmas Concert at Proctor’s Theatre in Schenectady, NY.
Then, we welcome Christmas.

I am making a Love Nest in our living room because I have a desire to rest on a cozy couch with my kids and watch our Christmas tree.
I am beyond fortunate to have the time and energy to make a nest for my growing kids.
I pay attention to my desires. I learned as a girl in the Lutheran Church that my Higher Power knew all my desires.
It is my Divine gift to give these desires form, to state them, consider them, be inspired by them.
And I live my life manifesting them in real time.
On days like today those desires make sense.
My kids are getting near to fledging this big nest of our home.
I want to draw them near.

My word was #decorate today. #adventwindows inspires me to action I might not have taken. XoS

What do you wait for?
What do you desire?
Can you feather a nest for your own longing?

I hope whatever you do today, on 12.12.12, that there is a moment when you step outside, in the sunlight or under the moon’s crest, and you breathe in the beauty of this great day. People all over the globe are pausing today. Even the ones in trouble, the ones who need our prayers and tending, the ones who hunger for a nest. Do please send your love and light from your own place of knowing comfort and having it to share.

xo S

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Showing 8 comments
  • Barbara

    This post was like a nice warm hug with a steaming cup of mocha. Mmmmm……. And your Love Nest is GENIUS. It looks so compelling, everyone will want to dive into it and make a big puppy pile and gaze at your beautiful tree. Thank you for uplifting my season, Beautiful.

    • Suzi

      Thank you Barbara. Welcome to my Love Nest any day! Thank you for commenting and for all your love and sparkles! xoxox S

  • jenn

    thanks Suzi, won’t be doing any fasting, but I am preparing the feasting time by decorating the nest, and slowing down to the rhythm of existence, enjoying the colours, lights and crisp sunny days.
    have a wonderful holiday, and celebration of solstice. I’m going to a special ceremony tomorrow night, in the village.

    • Suzi

      Oh Jenn, I would love to sit in ceremony with you. Some day we will, I know it. Thank you for your comments and support. xo S

  • Elizabeth Aquino

    What a beautiful website you have here! I look forward to exploring it, and I thank you for your kind words on my blog today —

    • Suzi

      xoxoxo Elizabeth, you are doing great work in the world. I am glad we met! Love, Suzi

  • Mandy

    Inspired by your love nest. Thank you for your words here.

    • Suzi

      Dearest Mandy, Walking this season with you has inspired me in untold ways. Thank you for sharing your genius. xo Love, S